About Yoga for Kids and Families

Yoga is an ancient practice at whose heart is the belief that our natural state is one of happiness.  When the body and mind come into balance we can achieve health, well-being and a sense of peace.  Practicing yoga, regardless of age, ability or experience, can enable this mind-body connection and balance.

There are countless benefits of regular yoga practice for adults, including increased flexibility, reduced stress, pain relief, improved circulation, increased concentration, better digestion, improved sleep and a greater sense of well–being.  What many are now coming to realise is that yoga can bring all these and so many more benefits to children too!


Yoga for kids introduces yoga in a fun, non-competitive environment where the emphasis is on kids enjoying and respecting who they are.  They learn to nourish themselves, build strength, confidence, balance, concentration and techniques for relaxation that they can take through life with them.

Family yoga classes are a truly special experience because they allow the whole family to enjoy yoga together.  In these classes children see mum and dad enjoying being active, challenging themselves and relaxing, and the kids themselves are introduced to yoga alongside the most important people in their lives.  There is a special connection that occurs when families share yoga together and the skills learnt on the mat can be taken home and woven into family life.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about kids and family yoga is that it is FUN! Classes are active, imaginative, sometimes a little crazy, and always lots of fun!